About The Home Story

About The Home Story

Fannie Mae launched The Home Story in 2014 to showcase the trends, best practices, and voices shaping today’s housing market. It’s a story we’re uniquely positioned to tell.

Fannie Mae was chartered in 1938 to stabilize a weakened post-Depression housing market by providing liquidity to mortgage companies. Those companies, in turn, have helped generations of Americans to affordably buy, refinance, or rent homes.

This story isn’t done.

We continue to provide liquidity to mortgage companies in every market and at all times, keeping homeownership and renting affordable for millions.

There’s more work ahead. And we hope you’ll join us in building a stronger, safer, more efficient housing finance system for the future. Keep informed through useful content on The Home Story. Subscribe to our email newsletter and follow us on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn to stay current.

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