When you answer the questions below and click submit, you will get a checklist with documents you should be prepared to provide to your lender in support of your loan application, but all lenders may not require all of the information listed.

Your Current Residence

Do you currently rent?

Do you live with family or friends?

Do you currently own your home?

Additional Properties You May Own

Do you have any rental properties?

Do you own a vacation home or time share?

Your Employment

Did you start your work history or career less than two years ago?

Are you paid an hourly wage or an annual salary with no variances such as overtime, bonus, or commissions?

Are you paid overtime, or a base income with bonuses or commissions?

For the past two years, have you received income reported on Form 1099-MISC, Miscellaneous Income?

Are you self-employed?

Your Assets

Have you saved all the money you need for your down payment and closing costs?

Are you receiving a gift from a relative for any portion of the down payment or closing costs?

Are you selling a home or other property in order to make your down payment or pay your closing costs?

Your Debts

Do you have any obligations, such as credit cards, car loans or other agreements which you have recently opened or paid off?

Your Identification

Are you a US Citizen?

Your Home Search

Have you found a property?

Are you purchasing a condominium?

Are you purchasing a newly constructed home?