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Laura Lang Haverty

What You Should Know about Homebuyer-Prep Courses (Even if You’re a Repeat Buyer)

Experts recommend professional advice when it comes to what will likely be the biggest investment of your life.

July 15, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

First-Time Buyer – First of Six Siblings to Buy – Chooses HomePath

Building wealth through homeownership is a dream this HomePath buyer is spreading.

June 10, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

MBA Chief Economist on Rising Costs, Interest Rate Hikes

Will short-term interest rates and mortgage rates rise in 2016? The MBA's Michael Fratantoni weighs in.

May 24, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

5 Don’t-Miss Opportunities at the 2016 MBA Secondary Conference in NYC

There's plenty to see at the 2016 MBA National Secondary Market Conference & Expo in New York.

May 13, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

What is the Annual Percentage Rate and Why Is It So Important?

When it comes to comparing mortgages, be sure you pay attention to the “Big Three” — the interest rate, the fees, and the APR.

April 25, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

6 Credit Report ‘Red Flags’ That Could Be Hurting You

What lenders want to see, and not see, in your credit report.

April 18, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

Trended Data Gives Lenders an Expanded View of Credit History

Trended credit data gives mortgage lenders an expanded look at a borrower’s credit history. That’s good news for many consumers.

March 25, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

Brokers Group Promoting Homeownership Among African-Americans

Advocates urge African-Americans to have a goal of homeownership to build long-term wealth.

March 23, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

Top 5 Housing Markets Attracting Millennials

It's true: Millennials are buying homes. They’re just not necessarily settling down where many of us would have expected.

March 18, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

Day in the Life of a Real Estate Agent: A Peek Behind the Fannie Mae REO Sales Process

Vacant properties for sale by Fannie Mae are inspected, listed, and sold by nearly 3,000 real estate professionals nationwide.

February 24, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty

10 Residential Design Trends We’re Likely to See in 2016

From intricate stairwells to the use of repurposed wood, experts point out 10 trends to watch in 2016.

February 3, 2016 | Laura Lang Haverty