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Five Zany Homes Fit For Any Fantasy Buff

May 1, 2015 | By

As children, we often find ourselves — sometimes without realizing — living vicariously through the movies and books we’ve been exposed to.

As we grow older, our connection to these fantasy lands can dim — but not always. To create an environment that is easily considered a fantasy come true, sometimes it just takes an avid imagination and a creative designer. Quirky, one-of-a-kind homes do indeed exist — and not necessarily at a price tag in the millions.

Here are five zany fantasy homes from around the world:

1. Predator House


(Pontuz Löfgren AB)

Have you seen the movie Alien Vs. Predator? Well this homeowner in Kalmar, Sweden certainly did. Listed in the fall for the equivalent of a little more than $300,000, this sci-fi-themed villa is not only equipped with a home theater resembling a film shrine, but also has a disco/music room.

2. Mushroom House

Mushroom Home


If you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to live in an actual mushroom, take a virtual tour of this three-bedroom, three-bath freestanding mushroom pod. Built in 1970 by architect Jim Johnson to resemble the stem of a Queen Anne’s Lace, the home has been designated as a landmark by the town of Perinton, N.Y. It’s listed on the market for 729,000.

3. Flintstones House

Flinstone house

(Coldwell Banker via Yahoo Homes)


Dick Clark and his wife were determined to build their romantic getaway in Malibu in the late 1980s. But when the local conservancy objected to him building next to the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, architect Phillip Jon Brown came up with a solution: make the home look like a rock formation in the midst of the 23-acre mountain-top site. This one-bedroom free form Malibu home, dubbed the “Flintstones House,” sold in December for $1.8 million, a little more than half the asking price of $3.5 million.


4. Spadena Witch’s House


(Los Angeles Magazine)

About an hour and 20 minutes into Clueless, while the character played by Cher is walking home, you can catch a glimpse of the Witch’s House in Beverly Hills, CA, now owned by real estate agent Michael J. Libon. Built in 1920, this storied home was made for Willat Studios as a set for Hansel and Gretel and other silent films. One of the producers, Ward Lascelle, had the studio home moved to his lot of land in Beverly Hills, and made it into a functioning home. A popular Halloween destination in the ‘70s and ‘80s, Libon bought it 1998 for $1.3 million and began a major renovation that helped the house earn Landmark Status last year.

5. Seashell House


(Organic Architecture)

Yearning for the sea, yet living inland? Architect Javier Senosiain of Arquitectura Orgánica built this shell-shaped home outside of Mexico City in 2006 for a family who was tired of conventional living. Using a technique called ferrocement construction, the Nautilus House steers away from the conventional square dwellings. Instead it has numerous natural curves and is filled with natural spirals. The house is not for sale.




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