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The App I Wish I’d Had A Year Ago: HOME By Fannie Mae

October 26, 2015 | By

When I began the homebuying process, I searched everywhere for an app that would help me navigate through this totally overwhelming experience. I did an enormous amount of research online. I regularly visited 5-10 websites to read articles and find financial calculators. But, like everything else in my life, I really wish I’d had a good app that I could look at throughout the day or during my morning commute. Well, now I do!

Fannie Mae recently launched HOME by Fannie MaeTM, a homebuying app. The app offers first-time homebuyers resources to learn about the homebuying process, estimate what they can afford, and prepare for the financial responsibility of maintaining their home after purchase.

I received a preview of the app during development, and I was so excited to play with the calculators. Finding reliable calculators was the hardest part for me when I was starting to look into buying a home.

The HOME by Fannie Mae app has a step-by-step wizard for each calculator and carries your data over to the other calculators for consistent output. The HOME by Fannie Mae app has a dashboard to walk you through the steps and helps you keep track of where you left off.

This new generation of potential homeowners are eager to seek out information and do the research to be confident homebuyers. HOME by Fannie Mae will help in that journey.

Have you downloaded HOME by Fannie Mae yet? Get more info here.




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