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Your top THS content picks for 2016, and ours

December 23, 2016 | By

2016 was anything but business as usual here at The Home Story.

This year we introduced our new look, presenting our content more visually and reorganizing with four sections (Perspectives, Money & Mortgages, Business Trends, and Your Home) so it’s easier to find content you like and related stories.

The shift has been successful.

Our readership has increased from an average of 12,000 unique monthly visitors in 2015 to more than 36,000. Additionally, you’re sharing our content each week on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter, and our stories are being picked up or linked to by other publishers, including some of Fannie Mae’s business partners and customers.

As we close out the year, we wanted to thank you by sharing your “top picks” as determined by readership metrics, and ours – stories our editors thought were impactful but perhaps overlooked. If you missed any of these, they’ll make fun holiday reading.


Your Favorites

  1. Top 5 housing markets attracting Millennials

Published in March, this story was widely commented on and shared. It held the top monthly spot nearly all year, and ended up topping the annual list.

  1. 5 best cities for retirement living may not be where you’d expect

This story was boosted in popularity by referral sites and remained in the top five in our monthly tallies since its original publishing in July.

  1. Why single ladies are buying a place of their own

A combination of girl power and the industry’s rising awareness of this powerful block of buyers propelled this piece to the top five when it published in July, and it’s stayed there since.

  1. Top 10 U.S. housing markets to watch in 2016

Readers responded favorably to these lists based on data from the National Association of Realtors® and Trulia on the “hottest” U.S. home markets in terms of appreciation and other factors.

  1. 5 tips from a Japanese micro home expert to make your home feel more spacious

If you think the title is cute, just wait until you see the photos. This piece based on CNN coverage was published in September and surprised us with its enduring popularity.

Read more: Living on Christmas Tree Lane

And Our Editors’ Favorites 

  1. A tale of two cities: Baltimore’s recovering housing market

This article, published March 2, 2016, nearly a year after Freddie Gray’s death sparked unrest in sections of the city, showcased the recovery of its housing market as fewer homes entered foreclosure and prices recovered.

  1. Brexit tests investors’ nerves, but also prompts new refinancing demand

While The Home Story focuses mainly on the U.S. housing market, we recognize the impact of major world events on our economy and industry – such as Britain’s exit (the Brexit) from the European Union. Our chief economist Doug Duncan weighed in on the short and longer term impacts.

  1. Multi-gen household growth driven by more than the economy

We like this story because it combines something we see all around us – people choosing to live together for economic, cultural, or other reasons – backed by economic data.

  1. The business case for why lenders are embracing diversity

This article explores the changing demographic of the American household and how lenders can adjust for the challenges ahead.

  1. A new approach to senior living at Historic Hotel Oakland

This video chronicles how resident-led activity groups help low-income seniors living at Hotel Oakland combat isolation.




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