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#ReadySetHome: An Insider’s Journey To Buying A First Home


Homeownership is something most people aspire to. For Keosha Burns, owning a home wasn’t something that was on the top of her list of priorities. Then opportunity intervened. In our new series #ReadySetHome, Burns shares how she was able to buy an affordable first home. Follow the whole journey here, as we’ve listed each installment below…

Road to Homeownership: Realizing I Wanted to Own a Home Someday

Burns describes the start of her journey—realizing she wanted to own a home, someday and how customer service is a vital part of the homebuying process.

City Living and the Housing Finance Agency

Burns shares how working with a down payment assistance program helped her find surprisingly affordable financing for her first condo.

Getting Tips from a Real-Life Professional

Burns writes about the importance of working with a HUD-approved housing counseling agency.

How I Chose My Lender

Burns writes about her search for the right lender.

The App I Wish I’d Had a Year Ago: Home By Fannie Mae

Burns writes about how using a mobile app, like HOME by Fannie MaeTM, can be a tremendous help in the homebuying process.

TBT: How I Saved for My Down Payment 

An essential part of the homebuying process is saving for a down payment. In this installment Burns writes about how she went about saving for that lump sum.

The Many Stages of Homebuying Anxiety

Adrenaline runs high for many homebuyers. In this installment, Burns writes about how nerve-racking buying a home can be.

Ready or not, It’s Time: Walk-through and Paperwork Delays

Burns writes about experiences that came up for her near the end of her homebuying process.

Finally I am Homeowner:

Burns concludes the series by discussing final delays and details.

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